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クロス アンド クライム
Cross & Crime
Tokano Yuuka has been going out with her boyfriend Yazaki Norikazu for a little over a year now but doesn’t get to see him everyday since he works in a different city as a newspaper writer. Although they are apart, they love each other and things are going well. Norikazu gets an opportunity to interview Saeki Keito, the lead singer of the most popular band in Japan, Zero Sum Game, because they were good friends in high school. Being a fan of the band, Yuuka gets to tag along. However, Yuuka soon finds herself being raped by the members of the band while Keito distracts Norikazu because it seems that Keito has an obsession with him. After the traumatic event, the relationship between the three becomes extremely complicated.
Adult Ecchi Mature Seinen

Cross and Crime 01.rar – 104.4 MB
Cross and Crime 08.rar – 110.7 MB
Cross and Crime 09.rar – 167.9 MB

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